Enhancing the sustainable production of renewable energy on farms

About 30% of the world’s energy is consumed within agri-food systems and about a quarter of the total energy is consumed during the production stage, being responsible for a third of agri-food systems’ emissions of greenhouse gases. There is therefore a need to reduce the impact of energy consumption in this sector. For this purpose, HarvRESt has been launched with the aim of vertically integrating Renewable Energy Sources (RES) into farms by improving the existing knowledge of options for reducing carbon emissions on farms.

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Main outcomes of HarvRESt

To support the uptake and upscaling of RES production on farms HarvRESt will develop:

An Agricultural Virtual Power Plant (AVPP)

Capable of running diverse scenarios and farm configurations. The tool will determine the best operational procedures for a given RES solution.

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A Decision Support System (DSS)

To make recommendations of the best RES integration solutions & operation procedures for optimized production based on data from the AVPP.

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A Business Model Catalogue

Containing relevant innovative business models, considering financial schemes and incentives while identifying risks.

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Integrating RES production into agriculture for the benefit of the farmers and climate

The integration of renewable energy sources on farms offers many benefits for both the farmers and the climate. With this approach farms will:

  • become climate neutral
  • optimise their production
  • reduce their impact on natural resources
  • reduce their impact on biodiversity
  • provide energy services to communities
  • diversify their economic income

Pioneering a Sustainable Future for European Agriculture through Innovative RES Integration

New EU-funded project aims to enhance the sustainable production of renewable energy at farm-level.

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The HarvRESt project is off to a good start

On 30-31 January 2024 the HarvRESt partners met for a kick-off meeting in Zaragoza, Spain

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HarvRESt promoted at FRUIT LOGISTICA

HarvRESt promoted at the world's most important trade fair for the fresh produce industry and its direct access to the global market.

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HarvRESt will merge the best things from the agricultural sector and the renewable energy sector. By addressing the barriers faced by farmers and leveraging innovative technologies, we aim to create a more sustainable and resilient future for European agriculture, Roberto Lázaro Gastón, Project Coordinator & Technical Leader of HarvRESt

Solutions based on real data from 4 use cases

The solutions developed in HarvRESt will be supported and executed in 4 use cases representing different types of farms, a diverse range of stakeholders and organisational structures, different geographical conditions and a wide variety of RES technologies.

The 4 use cases are located in Italy, Denmark, Spain and Norway.

Partners: Tecnoalimenti, Confagricoltura, Fattoria Solidale Del Circeo and EnGreen as supporting Research and Technology Organisation

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Partners: ConTerra and Food & Bio Cluster Denmark as supporting Research and Technology Organisation

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Partners: Viñas del Vero, Viñedos del Rio Tajo, Sorigué and BETA Technological Centre & CIRCE as supporting Research and Technology Organisations

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Partners: Grønn Gårdsenergi AS (GGE) and NORCE as supporting Research and Technology Organisation

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